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new products on china market ICT test probe pin

new products on china market ICT test probe pin

  • ICT test probe pin
  • Usage;for ICT test
  • Plunger materail:Becu and gold plating
  • Barrel material:brass and gold plating
  • Spring force material:music wire and gold plating
                                   ICT test probe pin

Product Description

--- Spring loaded pin (single) for PCB, ICT, FCT testing, etc;

- Pogo pin ( connector)  to establish a (usually temporary) connection between two printed circuit boards for charging, locating, Battery, Semiconductor & interconnect Applications;

--- Double ended probe for BGA & semiconductor testing;

--- Universal pin without spring, coating pin, LM pin with QZ & VZ series;  

--- High current probe, Switch probe, Capacitance needle... 

---  receptacle/ socket for probe pin

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