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Spring Contact Probe Switch Probes for terminal contact test

Spring Contact Probe Switch Probes for terminal contact test

  • Model: SF-1.67x44-G
  • Material: Barrel: Brass, Gold Plated
  •           Plunger: Brass, Gold Plated
  •           Spring: Spring Wire
  • Current ration: 3A
  • Contact resistance:50mΩ
  • Spring force:100g±20g

Product Specification

  • Switch point flexibility
  • Designed for long life and reliable performance
  • Variety of tip options

A switch probe is a spring contact probe and receptacle that is used to verify the presence of components or connectors. The Switch probe is normally open, and after a designated trave the switch probe closes. The most common use for switch probes is in the cable harness testing industry.   The switch probe is used to verify the correct location of a terminal contact in a connector while also checking the retention force.

Switch probes also verify the physical presence of non-conductive components such as caps for connectors or devices on a circuit board. 

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