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The Type of common test probe

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The Type of common test probe

2015-06-29 16:32:38

Test pin, a common gold-plated probe with internal high-performance springs made of average life 3-10 million times music wire for testing circuit boards. According to the use of electronic testing, these probes can be divided into three types:

1. Optical circuit board test probes: testing circuit board without any components, only need to test open, short detection. Most of Chinese probe products can be the replacement to imported test probe.

2. Online test probes: testing PCB board with all kinds of components. the core technology of high-end products is still in the hands of foreign companies. Part of Chinese probes have been successfully developed, which can be the replacement to imported products;

3. Microelectronics test probe: the wafer test or chip IC detection probe, the core technology is still in the hands of foreign companies. Chinese manufacturers actively involved in research and development.

Main types of probes: cantilever probe and the vertical probe.

Cantilever Probe: Blade Type and Epoxy Type

The vertical probe: Vertical Type

1. ICT series Probes is generally between 2.54mm-1.27mm in diameter. They are called 100mil, 75mil, 50mil in industry. There are also some special probe of diameter 0.19mm, mainly used for in-circuit testing and functional test, also known as ICT and FCT test test. It’s the most common probes.

2. Interface Probes, non-standard probes, are generally customized for a few clients of large test machine, such as Teradyne and Agilent. They test the contact point and face between testers and test fixture.

3. Micro series Probes, generally the pitch between two test points is generally 0.25mm to 0.76mm.

4. Switch Probes, a probe has two separate current.

5. Coaxial Probes, for testing high-frequency signal, including with shield ring of 10GHz and  without shielding ring of 50MHz.

6. Rotatory Probes, the spring force is not high. Because of strong penetration, they are generally used for PCBA test treated by OSP.

7. High Current Probes, the diameter of probe is between 2.54mm-4.75mm. The maximum test current of up to 150 amps.

8. Semiconductor Probes, the diameter is generally between 0.50mm-1.27mm.

9. Battery Contacts, it is generally used to optimize the contact effect, good stability and long life.