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Product News
  • What metal is the material of the test probe?


    The material of the test probe is usually tungsten, molybdenum, copper, silver, and other metals. Among them, tungsten and molybdenum are the most commonly used materials because they have high hardness, high melting point, and good conductivity.

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  • How are the test probes fixed?


    A test probe is a tool commonly used in electronic testing, which can be used to test electronic components on a circuit board. During the testing process, the test probes need to be fixed on the circuit board to ensure the accuracy and stability of the test results. So, how is the test probe fixed?

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  • Cleaning method for testing probes


    A test probe is a tool used to test circuits, which can help engineers quickly locate circuit faults. However, the test probe may be contaminated during use, such as dust, grease, sweat, etc., which can affect the accuracy and stability of the test probe. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly clean the test probe.

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  • Definition of ICT/FCT Test Probes


    ICT/FCT test probe is a probe used to test electronic products, it can detect whether the electronic components on the circuit board are working properly. ICT/FCT test probes are a very important part of electronics manufacturing because it can help manufacturers detect and eliminate faults during production, thereby improving product quality and production efficiency.

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  • What should I do if the test probe is not accurate?


    Test probe is a commonly used testing tool, which can help us quickly locate problems and improve testing efficiency. However, sometimes the test results of test probes are inaccurate, which will bring great troubles to our testing work. So, what should we do when the test probe test is inaccurate?

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  • What styles of test probe tips are available


    A test probe is a tool used to test electrical circuits and comes in many different styles of tips. These different styles can be used for different testing needs, so it is important to understand the different styles of test probe tips.

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  • How Test Probes Work


    A test probe is a tool used to test circuit boards and electronic devices, which can help engineers quickly locate faults and problems. Test probes work by connecting the probes to a board or device and then reading the board or device's signal through the probes to detect problems.

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  • What are the electronic components?


    Electronic components refer to various electronic components used in electronic devices, including resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, transistors, field-effect transistors, integrated circuits, etc. These components play different roles in electronic devices and are indispensable components in electronic devices.

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  • How to test whether the lithium battery has power?


    Lithium batteries are a common type of battery used in a wide variety of electronic devices. However, when we need to use a lithium battery, how to test whether it has power? Here are some ways to test the charge of lithium batteries.

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  • How to choose a current probe


    A current probe is a tool used to measure current, which can help us understand the current situation in the circuit, so as to better design and troubleshoot the circuit. However, there are many types of current probes on the market, how to choose a current probe that suits you? The following is an introduction to the selection method of the current probe.

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  • About Test Probes for PCB Board Testing


    PCB board testing is an important part of the electronic manufacturing process, which can help manufacturers detect and verify the performance and reliability of circuit boards. Test probe is a tool for PCB board testing, it can help testers quickly locate circuit board faults, and improve testing efficiency and accuracy. This article will introduce the types and characteristics of test probes used for PCB board testing.

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  • What is the difference between PCB, ICT, and FCT test pins?


    In the manufacturing process of electronic products, testing is a very important link. The test pins are an indispensable tool in the testing process, they can help testers to detect the connectivity and electrical performance of the circuit board. Among the test pins, the most common ones are PCB test pins, ICT test pins and FCT test pins. This article will introduce the differences between these three test pins.

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