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What is a semiconductor testing probe? What is the purpose?

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What is a semiconductor testing probe? What is the purpose?

2023-07-03 14:21:30

Semiconductor test probes are a tool used to test chip circuits. It is composed of a very thin needle tip that can be used for electrical testing on the surface of the chip. (electronic testing probe wholesales china) Semiconductor test probes are usually used to test the electrical characteristics, power consumption, Signal integrity, timing, temperature and other parameters of chips. It is an important component of semiconductor testing and is often applied in fields such as semiconductor manufacturing, chip design, and testing.


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Semiconductor testing probes are generally composed of four basic components: a needle head, a needle tail, a spring, and an outer tube, which are formed after being riveted and pre pressed by precision instruments.


Semiconductor test probes (high-frequency probes) are mainly used for BGA chip testing, (diferent size functionla probes supplier china) micro BGA components, test racks, mobile phones, computers, communication, etc; Its application rating is 500MHz, and the number of pins used in the test varies depending on the specific BGA IC and its fixture specifications. The spacing between the test fixtures varies from 0.4/0.5/0.65/0.75/1.0/1.27/2/2.54MM.


Semiconductor testing probes (high-frequency probes) are mainly used in industries such as mobile phones, computers, communication, etc. Almost all major chip industries are promoting the use of semiconductor testing probes, with the largest demand in the chip packaging testing industry.