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Company News
  • How to fix the test probe?


    Test probe is a commonly used tool in electronic testing, which can be used to test electronic components on circuit boards. The fixation of the test probe is very important as it directly affects the accuracy of the test results. In this article, we will discuss how to fix the test probe.

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  • How to troubleshoot needle burning issues with test probes


    Firstly, we need to understand what the needle burning problem is. Needle burning problem refers to the damage of the test probe tip due to excessive use or other reasons, resulting in the test probe not working properly. This type of problem often leads to inaccurate test results and even inability to test.

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  • How to Control the Cost of Electronic Testing Probes


    Firstly, selecting suitable materials is the key to reducing costs. When manufacturing electronic test probes, using high-quality materials can improve their performance and reliability, but it also increases costs. Therefore, choosing the appropriate material is very important. For example, using inexpensive materials such as copper or aluminum can reduce costs, but it may also affect the performance and lifespan of probes. Therefore, it is necessary to balance the quality and cost of materials.

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  • Big Promotions


    We Can't keep quiet any longer, check Out Our promotions. Please contact with us now, don't miss the last chance.

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  • Quality Management System Certificate of Approval


    Quality Management System Certificate of Approval Suzhou Shengyifurui Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is the le...

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  • Renaming Announcement


    Dear Customers and Partners,  Due to business development, since December 1st, 2018.Suzhou Shengteng Electronic Co.,Ltd hasbe...

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    Dear Customers, Our office has been moved to a new address, pls kindly note! Any inconvenience, kindly understand. Thanks! Suzhou Shengteng Electronic...

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  • Teamwork and Cooperation


    China Pogo pin supplier, SuzhouShengteng Electronic Co. Ltd organized a training in June 5th. Theactivity is initiated by company's human resources de...

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