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Teamwork and Cooperation

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Teamwork and Cooperation

2015-06-11 17:52:05


China Pogo pin supplier, Suzhou Shengteng Electronic Co. Ltd organized a training in June 5th. The activity is initiated by company's human resources department. Sales department joined the meeting. The topic of this meeting is teamwork and cooperation. Our human resource department were intending to raise awareness of all teamwork of all salesman by this activity.


During the training, we studied the team concept, successful team case, team principle elements as well as how to establish a good  teamwork among co-workers. This kind of activity is welcome by everyone. As a professional Chinese Pogo pin supplier, we are not only providing products with high quality products, but also focusing on improving personal quality of each employee.


Company organize different types of training from time to time and try to build the fantastic dream stage during work for every employee.