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Pogo pin connector is the key growth point of China connector

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Pogo pin connector is the key growth point of China connector

2015-07-08 16:53:43

China Electronic Components Industry Association Information Center predicts that by 2015 China's connector market size will reach 81.5 billion yuan. Nowadays, low-end Pogo pin are filled in the connector market and high-end Pogo pin connector are highly required and the demand is urgent. In the field of high-end connectors, computer and peripheral equipment occupies the largest market share. Automotive, medical equipment connector market is also very important. In our country, the automobile connector market share accounted for about 20%. The rapid popularization of 4G mobile phone makes the need of high-end Pogo pin connector grow a lot.

With the development of mobile products to small, thin and high performance, the connection between display component and substrate is more complicated. Under this background, the connectors between substrate and substrate, FPC connector, Pogo pin connector are more urgent. In order to realize this goal, China Brass Pin manufacturers have carried out the research and development of high - end connector technology. High speed transmission of the connector technology has also been developed. The need of digital interface Pogo pin connector, DVD recorders, flat-panel TV, STB and other products are more urgent. The competition of new product development is increasing day by day.

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