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The development of test probe

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The development of test probe

2015-07-09 17:29:35
Due to historic reason, there is a big gap in the contact probe comparing China with the international advanced countries. The varieties of development and application are limited, it did not form a series of scale products and Industry. But it can not rule out some outstanding innovation companies occupies an important position in the market. With several year’s development, China contact pin supplier gradually gained some experience in the field of  contact probe. Many enterprises emerged in the market. Some multinational company spotted the huge potential of domestic market and start to occupy the domestic market share by the form of office factories, agencies. Domestic positive policy and the competition from foreign advanced technology promote the development of China's contact probe industry.

In general view of the industry, the requirements on technology and financial are very high in contact probe industry. The industry threshold is also very high. If any enterprises grasp core competitiveness of the technology, market competitiveness will be able to maintain a longer period of time and can transform high return on investment.