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“Win-win cooperation”training activities

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“Win-win cooperation”training activities

2015-07-10 16:02:08

Suzhou Shengteng Electronic Co.,Ltd,as a China pin connector solution supplier, the factory which in Cixi,Ningbo,caome to took part in one day “Win-win cooperation” training activities in last month.The training activities have Ice set sail, the team defense, the hell-for-leather pursuit.

The requirement of the Ice set sail divide all the people to different teams,and then have your team name, give a ralling cry to establish the team pride; The team defense is to protect yourself ang your own team,flag off each other’s waist,weed our one by one; The hell-for-leather pursuit is everyone in turn to see a picture,and win the success in the shorted time.All of the people do the activity seriously in the Happy island with the rain,and overcome the difficulties one by one.In the afternoon,they also vist the famous Pingjiang Road and Suzhou museum and then finish the one day travel in laugher.Eventhough everyboday is very tired,but every one is also very warm.

By this training activities, conveys a kind of valuable spirit. In current  society, everyone should develop together. Have no perfect personal, but have perfect teams. If want to grow and develop better,we can only cooperate each other,then we can be Win-win,and our company Suzhou Shengteng Electronic Co.,Ltd can be World wild China pin connector solution supplier.