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Five criteria for selecting test line and probe

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Five criteria for selecting test line and probe

2015-07-15 17:45:36

Suzhou Shengteng Electronic Co.,Ltd., as an excellent China brass pin supplier accumulated a lot of experience in election test leads and probes. There are five suggestions for reference:

1. Security.

Just like the requirements of power, the test line and probe must meet strictly safety level requirements due to direct contact with the high voltage. In particular in line with the requirements of the international IEC1010 voltage and category. Other requirements of the IEC1010 are also related to transient testing, dielectric voltage, or through testing to verify that the product is fully insulated and meets the requirements of the exposed metal probe and impact resistance.

2. Firmness and durability.

The test probe should be a hardened metal, which can withstand repeated connections, and each time to transmit accurate data.

3. Design performance and index.

It is very important to design the test probe and test clip. Comfortable and easy to grab a gripping surface helps to control the probe and firmly in the hands, clip to strong spring clip can ensure firm connection.

4. High performance applications.

The current probe is designed to take into account the needs of different applications. Sharp probe is the best tool to measure the contact points on the high density circuit board. Although they are easy to damage, they are often worn on the tip of the probe because there is no electric coating on it.

5. Test line connector.

According to the standard, safety and practical needs, the test line connecting the head has a variety of applications and standards of plugs and sockets. Different applications have different joints, in order to match each other, there are a variety of adapters on the market.