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Brazil customers

2015-08-18 17:11:02

Last week, Suzhou Shengteng Electronics Co. Ltd. received a special message from Brazil. Brazil's customers in the mail mentioned that in August 19th will come to our company to visit.

Upon receipt of the news, our company has launched a tense preparation.With customer email communication, we learned that he was about 9 am to Suzhou.We arrange the car to the station to meet High-speed Rail customers who come from afar.In order to let customers better understand us Cendant Electronics Co., Ltd. and our products, we do the special PP, strive to in the course of the meeting with the aid of diagrams to explain to the customer.

In addition, as the host in order to better serve customers, we also check the information on the Internet to see what Brazilians like to drink, what to eat what to eat.Brazilians like to drink coffee, diet Jichi grotesque aquatic and amphibious animal meat dishes; don't eat butter making snacks.In order to better serve customers know yourself as well as the enemy. In order to give customers a good impression, we cleaned the meeting room, for flowers and flags.

Suzhou shengteng electronics has been fully prepared, welcome customers to visit Brazil.