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Korean customers visit

  • Author:Mary
  • Release on:2015-09-17

September 17, a South Korean customer will visit Suzhou Shengteng Electronics Co., Ltd.  For this reason,the entire company of us attach importance to it, and our manager is full reception! Salesman ahead all ready to receive and assist the work of the executive branch ahead! Here's what you need to prepare in advance the clerk work:

1.need to understand the customer's entire trip to stay in China, such as living in the hotel, what time to go to the hotel to pick customers up, and so

2.need to know the number of people visiting, name, etc.,

3.then is to be done about the company's PPT to introduce our own company, and the company's main products, the past few years the product that cooperated with customer, and the future can co-products,

4.The company also need to arrange a good layout, give a good first impression to the customer (clerk of course should be dressed, in line with the case),

5.when customer reach the company,need introduce the company's various departments and colleagues to customers,

6.After the last conversation, take pictures, and send customers to hotel