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  • Author:Mary
  • Release on:2015-10-12

Customized pogo pin, is in according to the requirements of customers to production.Pogo pin 2.38 * 13, we are in accordance with the plunger is beryllium copper, gold plated.pogo pin which can enhance the overall conductivity, but the only drawback is the lack of hardness. The pogo pin's barrel, the customer is requested brass, gold-plated, usually this material is conventional pogo pin of the province of the performance requirements are not too high! Pogo pin spring has just music wire and stainless steel, this section pogo pin material is just the piano, gold-plated, can enhance the overall conductivity. Thus, the customer demand for the largest section of the pogo pin is conductive performance is better!


Be cu,gold plated


Brass,gold plated


Music wire

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