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Merry Christmas

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Merry Christmas

2015-12-25 15:22:56

Today is the annual Christmas, every year December 25, is celebrated the birth date of Jesus Christ.

This Christmas is a religious holiday. Nineteenth century, popular appearance of Santa Claus Christmas cards, so Christmas was beginning to pop up. Early development of the nineteenth century to the middle of the whole of Europe, the Americas began had played a Christmas. And derived from the corresponding Christmas culture.

Christmas spread to Asia in the mid-nineteenth century, Japan, Korea, China and so affected by the Christmas culture.

After the reforms, Christmas in China spread to particularly prominent early 2000s, Christmas organically combines local Chinese custom, the development of increasingly mature. Eat apples with Christmas hats, send Christmas cards, Christmas party, became a part of Chinese life for Christmas shopping.

Christmas is also the Western world as well as many other areas of public holidays

As a professional supplier of test probe ,Suzhou Shengteng Electronics Co., Ltd. is also on Christmas Eve with the international standards, we made a Christmas gift - a box of oranges,a symbol of 2016 all wishes come true, all people will be good luck.