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small spring year

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small spring year

2016-01-21 14:16:07
After Laba quickly came Jizao in Decemer 23 or 24, in China we called small spring year, Jizao, it is China's rural folk especially great influence, very wide spread practices. Old, almost every family has a Zaojian "Kitchen God" tablets. He is a legend of the Jade Emperor seal "nine days Palace East Kitchen Siming stove Monarch", is responsible for managing each of the kitchen fire, people called this deity as "Siming Buddha" or "Kitchen God Siming" as a protected by God worship. Ballad in "Twenty-three Tanggua sticky", refers to the annual December23 or 24 Jizao, the so-called "official Sanmin four boatman five" statement, which is the 23rd official in December, Generally private house in the 24th, then held Jizao Shuishangrenjia in the 25th.

In addition to Jizao in small spring year is a sweep dust, sweep the dust as is the old and welcome, removal ominous. Each household should be carried out carefully and thoroughly cleaned, so bright and clean windows.
As a professional test probe Suzhou Shengteng Electronics Co.,want to take care colleages who  far away from home, decide to start spring year's holiday in December 23th , and let them go back with their family all people feel very happy.