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In cooperation with the music, as the Guangzhou Automobile, explore new eco-car electric business mo

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  • Release on:2016-06-23

June 6 evening, Guangzhou Automobile Group officially announced that the Board of Directors considered and adopted the "on the adjustment of Guangzhou Automobile Group Automotive Internet ecosystem project proposal." Announcement officially announced the Guangzhou Automobile Group Automotive Internet ecosystem project by Guangzhou Automobile Group Co., Ltd., as the music Holdings (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Zhongcheng Automobile Insurance Co., Ltd. is jointly funded, tripartite equityratio of 45%, 40% and 15% .

Guangzhou Automobile Group in July 2015 has announced that it will start the implementation of Automotive Internet ecosystem projects, including the construction of four platforms of vehicle electronic business platform, the platform life vehicles, vehicle networking platform and entrepreneurial investment and financing platform.

 One side is the music, as the open automotive ecosystem, while the Guangzhou Automobile automotive Internet ecosystem, music, as the cooperation with Guangzhou Automobile, from the outset, beyond the simple stitching business, resources and capital level, but a high degree of recognition and integration in the ecological level, from the top-level design business model walked out on the difference of the line. As the most representative of the current Internet ecosystem enterprises, in music, as the world's first "platform + content + terminal + application"complete open-closed-loop ecosystem. Currently, as the music has become a globe-spanning seven major sub-ecology, namely the Internet and ecology, ecological content, large screen ecology, mobile ecosystem, ecological sports car ecology and financial ecological Internet cloud.suzhou shengteng company are have ourself website for our main products ,pogo pin,test probe.