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State Tower Tech 1 billion AH battery production base

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State Tower Tech 1 billion AH battery production base

2016-05-04 15:19:24

November 17, China Xuan Tech announced that a wholly owned subsidiary Hefei, China Xuan Tech Power Energy Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hefei, China Xuan") is intended to Lacey Beiqi new energy production base with an annual output 150,000 new energy vehicles project-based, to its own funds invested in Lacey city of Qingdao set up wholly-owned subsidiary Qingdao Xuan State battery Co., Ltd.,Beijing Automotive will be supporting the construction of new energy annual 1 billion AH battery production base.

Industry analysts believe that the country supporting the construction of Tower Tech 1 billion AH battery production base, will effectively meet the needs of the battery Beiqi 150,000 new energy vehicles, while taking into account the trend of speeding heavy volume of new energy passenger car market is expected to BAIC Levin CGCG to the 150,000 production capacity accelerated delivery, China Xuan Tech 1 billion AH production line is expected to officially start construction in the near future, and volume production in the second half of 2016 Beiqi.Battery may be use the high current probe ,this probe is suzhou shengteng main products