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The trip to Italy

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The trip to Italy

2016-08-26 11:28:55

Mr. Xu Lifeng, general manager of Suzhou shengteng Electronics Company launched a line of 11 people in Italy, France, Switzerland, 12-day European tour, they came to the first stop in Italy.

Italy is located in southern Europe, mainly by the type of boots Apennine peninsula and the two largest island in the Mediterranean islands of Sicily and Sardinia. Italy is one of the highly developed countries of the world, it is one of the founding member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and the European Union. Italian landscape radically different north and south, the northern Alps snow, graceful, southern Sicily sunny but cool and pleasant. Throughout the year, anywhere in Italy, it will not disappoint. Italy for its beautiful natural scenery and numerous cultural heritage of mankind has been called beautiful country.

The first day to visit the city empire famous landscape has 2000 years of cultural history Million City - Rome's famous Colosseum, Arch of Constantine and God the Holy Papal States - Vatican Pope Church Vatican, also known as the Cathedral of St.

Peter's Basilica, one of the largest Catholic church in the world and the Catholic Center. This great building is the architect of many artists have done everything built by well-known artists including Michelangelo, Raphael, Bernini and other Renaissance.

Colosseum, the original Mingfu Lai Wen amphitheater (Amphitheatrvm falvvm), built in AD 72-82 years by 40 000 prisoners took eight years to build from, it is the largest Roman circular arena, symbolizing the ancient Roman civilization.

Colosseum interior is divided into three parts: the arena, the audience and the podium, can accommodate about 90,000 people in the auditorium, and strictly in accordance with grade division, is the prototype of the originator of the modern stadium.

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