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What is the function of test probes?

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What is the function of test probes?

2023-12-04 11:08:58

Test probes, also known as probe cards or probe test stands, are a very important piece of testing equipment in electronics manufacturing. Its main function is to detect the electrical and physical properties of the product by contacting the measured object with the probe during functional testing of semiconductor packages, PCB boards, connectors and other products.


The main functions of test probes can be divided into the following aspects:

Electrical performance test: The test probe can provide stable current and voltage to test the electrical performance of the product. (gold brass pogo pin factory china) By contacting the pins or connectors of the product with the probe, the product's electrical performance parameters such as resistance, capacitance, and inductance can be measured.

Physical performance testing: The test probe can also test the physical properties of the product, such as pressure, displacement, temperature, etc. During the test process, the probe can simulate various conditions in actual use, such as plug and pull tests on connectors, to evaluate the performance of the product in different environments.

Functional testing: Test probes can be used to test the functions of various electronic products.(60a High Current Probes supplier china) By simulating the input signal in actual use and measuring the output signal, you can verify that the product is functioning properly. For example, in testing the touch screen of a mobile phone, the probe can simulate the user's clicking and sliding operations to check whether the screen responds normally.

Reliability and Lifetime Testing: Test probes can be used to test products for reliability and lifespan. By repeatedly testing a product over time, the longevity and reliability of the product can be assessed. For example, in connector plugging and unplugging life testing, the wear and service life of the connector is evaluated by repeatedly plugging and unplugging it.

In short, the test probe is a very important test equipment in the field of electronic manufacturing. It can comprehensively test the electrical performance, physical performance, function, reliability and life of the product. Through strict testing of products, the quality and performance of the products can be ensured, thereby improving the reliability and service life of the products.