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Speical Friendship

2015-07-04 16:42:30
Two months ago a special customer visit the counter of Suzhou Shengteng Electronic Co.,Ltd. He greeted me with broken Chinese. From his friend, I knew this customer is a Korean. He just came to China and want to do a test fixture urgently.  I enthusiastically introduced several special fixture companies for him. After our conversations, the South Korean customers think for a while and change his mind  and decide to make the fixture by themselves. He checked our product carefully, picked the test probe and fixture accessory one by one. I patiently introduce every product to his friend. Then his friend explained to customers in Korean. After half an hour, he finally chose the test probe he want, totally of 39 yuan. However customer said he felt sorry for this small order. I smiled to him and said  welcome to come back next time.

A few days later on a Saturday, they came to my shop again. From his friend, I learned that they have been in my shop in early time. As didn't found me, the Korean customer  went to buy something else. After that he still come back to my shop, although there are many competitors next to my shop. He chose to wait for me and adhered to buy the test probe in my shop. He said to his friend I’m a good salesman and he want to buy my products. I was very grateful to the customer for trusting and praising me. This time we talked a lot.

A month later, the Korean customer came to my shop alone. We said hello like old friends. He speak limited Chinese, I speak poor English. With this unique way, we communicated with each other. Yes, we've built up a friendship. It all started from our gratitude and patience from each other.