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Keep living, keep fighting.

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Keep living, keep fighting.

2015-07-06 17:31:42

On the counter of Suzhou Shengteng Electronic Co.,Ltd. There is a piece of  hydroponic Scindapsus aureus only with three leaves. When I joined our company, it was dying. The leaves of Scindapsus aureus were yellow and withered. The roots have decayed. I thought Scindapsus aureus are going to die. But I did not want to give it up. So I cut up the rotten root and the withered leaves, and change the water. The next day, a miracle happened. It seemed the withered leaves open a little. After a few days, I even forget this little thing. If didn't clean the counter, I wouldn't found that it has a little life. I put it out the water and found that it has to grow out a root of 2cm in length. It's alive and there are several green leaves.

Actually, each of us is Scindapsus aureus. On the road of life, there is no stagnation. You have to constantly grow roots to absorb nutrients like Scindapsus aureus, or lose root function and atrophy.

Keep living, keep fighting.