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The apllication of high current pogo pin

  • Author:Ellie
  • Release on:2015-07-13

  In modern society,the 4G era is coming,it occurs the problem that the intelligent mobile phone power consumtion becomes faster and faster.Now we have to solutions to this problem:one is carrying mobile power,another one is to develop the quick charge technology.The quick charge technology is the name of VOOC flash power,it has 16 patents,and it adopts one kind of 4.5V low current plan,and increase the charge rate four times faster than before.The flash power means you can make two hours tell if you only charge for five minutes;you can make a call for six hours only charge for 15 minutes;and the power can increase to 75% only charge for harlf an hour,so the power can be used for whole day for most people.

  In order to realize the flash power,now there are two problems must be solved:firstly is the external interface of the charging,that means the USB wire with the Mobile connector must reach 5A,secondly is the battery and PCB board connector can reach to 5A.The connection way of common mobile is 5pin,so it can’t meet the requirement of fast charging,the best way is to customized a 7pin or 8pin battery connector,so it can realize that the Mobile can be fast charging.The application of high current Pogo pin must can bring mobile and electrical products to new development.