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Current status of contact probe

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Current status of contact probe

2015-07-10 16:37:54

With the development of electronics industry, the contact probe has been developed and used widely. The high requirement of material and the quality of the personalized requirements makes the standardization production of contact probe is imperative. The development of industry standards will have important guiding role in promoting the development of contact probe related products and technologies. It is an important guarantee for the steady development of the downstream industry.

Downstream of the semiconductor probe and contact probe covers many industries in the field of electronic machinery, such as SMT OEM, packaging, testing, automotive electronics, electronic communications, medical equipment and automation equipment industry etc. At this stage, the market of domestic precision probe has competitive price, stable quality and short delivery time, which reduces the cost of downstream of the plant a lot.

According to the current market situation, most domestic enterprises will focus on product development and technology. As the products are not yet fully mature, the enterprise brand construction plan or goal has not yet begun.So domestic contact probes are not as famous as the foreign probes brand.We believe domestic probes will become strong after several years'development.