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Innovation is the vitality of a enterprise

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Innovation is the vitality of a enterprise

2015-07-10 17:29:03

Innovation is the fundamental survival and development. Innovation Prosperity, no innovation will die. Innovation can contribute to the improvement of management efficiency and improve organizational form, allowing enterprises to continuously improve efficiency, and constantly adapt to the requirements of economic development. In an enterprise, innovation may include many aspects: management innovation, cultural innovation, technological innovation, system innovation, marketing innovation, etc.

As far as our shengteng electronic company, we have the technology innovation,from the china brass pin supplier innovate to china contact pin supplier,and last to china electrical connector supplier. In addition to factory production technology innovation , in the operational headquarters of Suzhou pay more attention to the management system updates and innovations. Company implemented different management systems at different stages, in order to achieve more efficient work efficiency. Recently shengteng what to do thing is to enable the individual performance plan of action table (PAP). Individual Performance Action Plan table is divided into operational objectives with outcome targets. Compared to the previous scoring system implementation, PAP better mobilize their enthusiasm for work, and work goals, work steps in more detail. Scoring system is designed to allow employees to fully understand their conditions of work, through the use of three months to complete this goal. The next stage scoring system continue to remain of little value, so transportation should be born PAP, whose goal is to work to implement the contents of all, all of them break.

For enterprise, innovation is a challenge. Enterprises should proceed from reality, bold innovation, seize the initiative in innovation for the enterprise innovation made decisions, and constantly improve the level of innovation for innovation in order to embark on a road of their own development, and enable enterprises to always maintain a strong vitality, continue to achieve new development.