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POGO PIN advantages

  • Author:Mary
  • Release on:2015-07-13

pogo pin connector with shrapnel in contrast to its advantages ? Here I will brief some points:


1, cost reduction

As the role of Pogo Pin connector compared to the production process more flexible shrapnel-type connector, not need a model, it can be as small quantities of raw production, reduce overall costs.

2, improve the production process

Connector to simplify assembly of electronic products, but also simplifies the production process.

3, easy to upgrade

As technology advances, it can update mounted connector component parts, replace the old with the new, better component parts

4, easy to maintain

If an electronic component failure, when equipped with connectors can be quickly replace the failed component parts.

5, the design flexibility

Using connection allows engineers in the design and integration of new product, as well as system components when using the component, more great flexibility and better space-saving products.

6, versatility

Pogo pin interface compatible with a fast charge and data dissemination, and quick plug, and the traditional Micro USB and DC Jack require additional data interface.

7, high lifetime

Plunger, barrel, spring selection, gilded requirements than traditional products has greatly increased the lifetime.

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