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How to deal with typhoon?

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How to deal with typhoon?

2015-07-13 17:22:43

On July 11th No. ninth super typhoon "chan-hom" center is located in the center of Xiangshan Ningbo Zhejiang province. The "chan-hom" is expected to land in coastal area from Sanmen to Zhoushan Zhejiang Province in the afternoon, and the class is up to 15 ~ 16. After landing, "chan-hom" will be gradually weaken, will go to Hainan Yellow Sea be in the morning on July 12.

Because of typhoon, factory of brass Pin manufacturer Suzhou Shengteng Electronic Co.,Ltd was closed on July 11th. During the typhoon, what will you do to protest your family and house?

At the area affected by the typhoon, people should do the following work:

First, Understand the trend of the typhoon. When a typhoon is coming, it should pay timely attention to news about typhoon trends. Under the guidance of the relevant departments, do various preventive measures, such as security or withdrawal.

Second,Food reservation.Before the arrival of the typhoon, food and drinking water should be prepared in advance in case the water, power are cut off  by typhoon.

Third, close the doors and windows.When a typhoon is coming, the doors and windows must be locked, to avoid being blown and broken.