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Welcome to our new colleague

  • Author:Mary
  • Release on:2015-07-16

July 15,a new colleague joined Suzhou Shengteng Electronics Co., Ltd.,whose name is Zhang Wei. The neme is connotative- a ambition needed to defend by action! This is one core value of our Suzhou Shengteng company - mindfulness.

Zhang Wei before joined into the company, Shengteng manager Leo has a strict careful interview with him.After the adoption of the interview, his position is purchasing specialist. First, he need to be familiar with the company, including exchange with the other staff about the working , he participated in the training. Miao personnel explained some rules of the company to him, including what can do and can not do. And most important one -Suzhou Shengteng enterprise culture.Suzhou Shengteng enterprise’s core values: life: honesty, mindfulness, altruism, gratitude. Work: solidarity, the courage to play, the results of thinking. To resort to innovation.

The company is to provide a platform for personal development, employee communication to do with the heart, dedicate their energy and talent, return to our common home. New colleagues joined Suzhou shengteng, he injected new blood to this company, add a new hope. I hope that the new colleagues to work with the staff. We share weal or woe,walk hand in hand to create success. Welcome to Zhang Wei to join our energetic harmony Shengteng family!

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