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Analysis of connector plating

  • Author:Daniella
  • Release on:2015-07-16

There are mainly two reasons for the plating of electrical connector. First, protect the contact elastic sheet metal substrate from corrosion. Second, optimization of the nature of the contact interface, especially in the mechanical and electrical properties of the connector.

Corrosion protection should be considered first. Most electrical connector contact shrapnel is made of copper alloy. Copper alloy in the typical electrical connector working environment is susceptible to corrosion, such as oxidation. In fact, contact the coating is used to close contact with shrapnel and working environment separated to prevent the corrosion of copper. At the same time, as an important function of corrosion protection, the optimized interface is a suitable choice of the coating material for the consideration of the factors.

The parameters affecting the mechanical properties of the coating are the main factors that affect the durability of the coating, or wear and tear. Optimization of electrical properties from the control of the existing and forthcoming formation of the film on the surface of the film is considered. One of the main requirements for electrical connector is the establishment and maintenance of the stability of the connector impedance. In order to achieve this goal, a metal contact interface is needed to provide such an inherent stability. The establishment of such a contact interface requires that the surface film can be avoided or divided when the contact is in contact.