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Little Story, Great Spirit

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Little Story, Great Spirit

2015-07-17 16:24:37

Suzhou Shengteng Electronics Co., Ltd dedicated to be the most competitive test link enterprises in the world. Every morning, all the staffs will have a meeting to summarize the work in previous day. Everyday the meeting ended by sharing inspirational stories. This is the unique corporate culture Suzhou Shengteng Electronics Co., Ltd.

In the morning meeting today, our colleague Emily share a little story and all the workmates are deeply motivated.

Jobs, Wozniak and Wayne, three young computer-lovers signed a contract to set up a computer company in 1976. They named the company "Apple." But soon, the ex-shareholder Wayne took the first paycheck and left Apple immediately. Regarding the reason, Wayne said  Jobs is too hasty, the company may bear the huge debt in future, and then I have to bear 10 percent debt". Today, Apple is flourishing and everyone rush to buy" Apple "stocks, which is the best investment projects. If the Wayne had held shares of Apple company, he would become a billionaire.

In this world, there are many determinants of wealth: Opportunities, courage, level of education, relationships, etc., but the most important is the vision and you stick to this vision. This story makes all the employees full of confidence.