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Pancake man

  • Author:Ellie
  • Release on:2015-07-17

  I think most people love comedy film,right?Recently,there will be a new comedy film to be released.The film name is Pancake man,it is directed by Da peng in China.The film will be released in 2015.7.17.The film tells the story that:during one accident,very famous and popular actor Da peng was faced with a formidable difficulty that drove him down to a through of his life.So he made a hasty decision,signed a film contract which threat his life in the future.The only way to save himself is that he must devote himself to shoot a very famous film which invite many famous actors ,but because many stars break the promise ,let him fall into the difficulty again.How will Da peng save himself?And how to save the unhappiness?

  The film of Pancake man are warmly welcomed by is not only very funny,but also have many stars in it.I think what’s the most important is because the spirit of the film.It let us see different sense of comedy,and he does a lot of effort.Da peng have ever said a word in his Weibo:In order to save the unhappy people,I will try my best.

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