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2015-07-17 17:34:09

Suzhou is a city of rivers and lakes.When summer is coming,the park is full of lotus flowers, known as lotus aquatic herb, rhizome stout, long cylindrical.There are many pieces of the tubular cavity. Many festival stems, rhizomes will occur in shallow water in the mud, also called "lotus root". Lotus has different colors, there red, pink, white, etc., and the lotus has fragrance. The  flower receptacle is cup-shaped, which has more than a dozen cellular circular hole, each hole has a nutty, called lotus seeds. There are many use of lotus, lotus root can be used for vegetable, lotus seeds are a nutritious food; leaves, pedicels, lotus, lotus shall be used as medicine, flowers can be as appreciate. Lotus come into bloom from June to October, bloom on daily morning and closed at sunset.It will have fruit form September to October.

The ancient poets has be full of high praise for lotus , the most famous poem "rise unsullied from mud" praises the noble character of the lotus, which is regarded as innocent, noble symbol.

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