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Are you ready to self-deprecation?

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Are you ready to self-deprecation?

2015-07-20 16:10:33

  Several days ago,when I browsed the Sina Weibo, I saw Ma Yun’Weibo----four frames comic,which are humorous and vivid.It attracted my attention immediately. Although, it is Ma Yun’s self-deprecation, it is vary special. You can feel not only his broad mind, but also a  kind of tolerance and humor.

   Self-deprecation is a new national game.In fact, the most popular people in the life   who are always the low attitude with a bit of self-deprecation. In this time,it is seem   that you will failure if  you keep high attitude.In terms of function, in our daily life, A slight self-deprecation will bring a lot of convenience to the society. Such as, you can deprecate yourself as”fat guy” or “sing dog”. It will make the atmosphere of   the conversation becomes more relaxed.

   Now the social division of labor is increasingly clear, and the tendency of individualism is more and more obvious. Self-deprecation, to a large extent, provides a medium to which we can talk. In particular, the humorous self-deprecation is a high EQ performance. Self-deprecation is good, and it is the inevitable for world. Because of this kind of tolerant and humorous attitude, communication become more smoothly. Everyone should learn this spirit.Are you ready to self-deprecation?

   In fact, self-deprecation has two sides,Suzhou Shengteng Electronic Co.,Ltd; employees should learn to take its essence.Self-deprecation is not an inferiority, we should learn to communicate better through self-deprecation with the people around you.Only enough confidence to do so from the self-deprecation.So self-deprecation is another expression of confidence.