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keep singing, keep healthy

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keep singing, keep healthy

2015-07-21 16:24:09

Nowadays people are paying much attention on health. Generally speaking, health includes four aspects, healthy, happiness, illnesses and longevity. Recently a special health method becomes more and more popular in the circle of friends. That is singing. Singing makes people happy and  happy make people healthy.

There are also many stories about the magic power of singing. A little boy’s mother became a vegetable, the child's father sing to the sleeping wife every day. A few years later, the mother woke up. Singing cures this mother with helpless "incurable disease" called by modern medical. This is the charm of singing.

In Chinese traditional books, there are many records of the positive influence of singing. You will inevitably promote normal circulation of blood. The context of normal cycle of people, it must be a normal endocrine immune system is strong, so of course longevity.

After learning of this knowledge,HR department of Suzhou Shengteng Electronics Co., Ltd, Chinese excellent electrical connector supplier often organized staff go to KTV to celebrate the birthday of employees and so on. This way not only enriched their lives, get people to relax from the stress of work down, but also to keep employees feel good and healthy.