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The literary tough man---- Hemingway

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The literary tough man---- Hemingway

2015-07-21 16:41:06

Hemingway wrote his own epitaph, easy and fun: "Forgive me for not up." This sentence does not look like an epitaph, but rather a joke. He said: "A man can be destroyed but not defeated." Say this, he is like a upright old man. While epitaph, he's like a joke child. Hemingway wrote many classic line:Life always makes us black and blue, but later, those places will become our wounded strongest place. "Old Man" all the hardships we have experienced, and are bound to make us stronger, more determined willpower.

"I stood and write, and stood with one foot. I took this position, so I was in a state of tension, forcing me to express my thoughts briefly as possible." Hemingway and standing write "The Old Man and sea "," The Sun Also Rises, "" A Farewell to Arms, "" Whom the Bell Tolls "and a Pulitzer Prize and the Nobel Prize winner. Fish mind, allowing you bear much of the storm? Hemingway hero, he told me, an old man, leaf fishing boat, you can have a sea. Today in 1899, Hemingway was born tough guy, Suzhou shengteng Electronics Co., Ltd. and a belief in the Tough Guy Spirit every striver encourage each other!Let’s believe suzhou shengteng electronic company will bring our china pogo pin and china contact pin to world!