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Summer Camp

  • Author:Mary
  • Release on:2015-07-29

The 3th, September is the commemoration of 70th anniversary of China's anti-Japanese Day, children will also have summer holiday in July-August . Nanjing national defense education training base for the first time held a small guard of youth summer camps defense, the staff of China pogo pin supplier, Suzhou Shengteng Electronics Co., Ltd. also send their children to the Nanjing national defense education base for a period of six days and five nights in the fully closed camp.

The contents of summer Camp has professional soldiers disciplined training, professional development coach interaction; soldiers barracks life experience level of the shop, standard professional outdoor sports game; Air Defense Missile Gihon venues, civil defense emergency rescue simulation hall, exhibition hall historical national defense education; mortars / anti-aircraft gun / rocket launcher weapon firearms operations classroom, MBT / fighter aircraft / grenade antiaircraft physical visits a day each time have been arranged very full.

Many children are the first to leave their parents, to the camp will be homesick, but with the addition of exciting activities so that they forget homesick, some children do not even want to go back.

This activity exercise the children’s group collaboration, the children's independence.It is also help children have a lot of new friends, but also for the children can be more into a big step on the road of future life .