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Thinking about honesty

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Thinking about honesty

2015-07-30 16:05:59

  In order to facilitate, many office workers order take out at time to have lunch. Suzhou Shengteng Electronic Co.,Ltd. employees occasionally order take out. Today, we ordered 3 package on the APP, thePublic Comment. It was time to 12, We should have received a takeaway while we received a message that they can not delivery. Obviously the Public Comment has no credibility, promise and then deny in succession.A service - oriented industry, can not provide services to the commitment, after the event did not have a satisfactory reply, such a platform for what is the future development of it?

  When it comes to good faith, we have to say that the importance of good faith. Good faith means that accomplish what you have promised.Whether personal or company, to develop the first to do is to do good faith.For example, Suzhou Shengteng Electronic Co.,Ltd. has paied much attention to the problem of integrity.If the customer wants to order electrical connector, then Suzhou Shengteng Electronic Co.,Ltd. as the Chinese outstanding electrical connector supplier, certainly according to the actual situation to the service price and delivery, and the quality and quantity to complete.A company only to do a good job in good faith, to obtain the trust of customers, to create with more performance, get better development.