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Failure is not terrible

  • Author:Mary
  • Release on:2015-08-03

Diving is a very strong spectator sports. Diving athlete from take-off, air movement, to a series of operations into the spray pressure are very beautiful, very pleasing. But not every dive is successful in international competitions also occasional mistakes athletes. World Championships in the women's 10-meter platform diving preliminaries this year, the Mexican players Madrigal jump 626C, the difficulty of 3.3 arm stand when reflexive three weeks, appeared 0 errors. After the action fails, the player looks very sad, she finally just to 228.90 points behind No. 33, apparently unable to enter the semi-finals. But I want to say to the players: Failure is not terrible, terrible thing is that you lose the courage to face the failure.

One celebrity said:. "Failure will not be fatal unless you throw in the towel," if brought to its knees in the face of failure, the failure to make a one-time defeat to become a coward, is undoubtedly no courage without wisdom of generation; if suffered after the defeat, able to assess the situation and adjust themselves, struck again in the case of both the timing and strength, courage, direct victory, this is the wise and brave success disabilities. Suzhou Shengteng Electronics Co., Ltd. is to continue moving forward in frustration. I remembered a while back manager shared a copper probe case mistakes, $100,000  naught experience, but manager did not accept defeat, but he analysised of the causes of failure and draw a perfect solution.We believe Suzhou shengteng company will made the pogo pin,contact pin become better and better!