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What can we do for the world?

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What can we do for the world?

2015-08-05 16:22:10

I saw a speech last night,which is spoken by a student from Department of law of Peking University . She raised a question in her speech. You and I are all more common citizens,and we are all tiny screws on the machine of this huge society.However,what can we do for the world?We are all busy living, what can we do to change the society?But there is only one thing we can do. That is, on our way to the old, we must not go bad, do not become the most hated man when we were young.If  you are just a stall, it never give short weight or give short measure. If you are just a worker in a factory, you will never be lazy, and you should be strict with quality.If a factory, never cut corners, or produce substandard products.

Suzhou Shengteng Electronic Co.,Ltd. is a China electrical connector supplier.At Suzhou Shengteng Electronic Co.,Ltd. regardless of the general manager or business, everyone in their own ordinary post to be a good person.Because Shengteng people firmly believe that each of us is born are destined to change society, as long as we always maintain their integrity with the bottom line and the society will become a little bit better.