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The good test last one off

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The good test last one off

2015-08-07 16:20:08

Regardless of past, present or future, strict quality inspection system, strengthen the quality inspection and quality supervision work is to ensure product quality can not be ignored, an indispensable important link.Production of enterprises is a complicated process.Human, machine, material, method, and many other factors may have an effect on the change of production process.Each process is not likely to be in a state of absolute stability, it is not possible for each process to be 100% qualified.So it is absolutely necessary to find out the unqualified products to ensure the quality of products.The requirements for the quality of the probe are relatively high, including the material of the probe, the coating, especially the size.The size is often not a difference of 0.01 mm.At  the group of Suzhou Shengteng Electronic Co.,Ltd, we often can see various departments are emphasized the importance of product inspection, strict inspection before shipment.Qualified products to customers can be recognized by customers in order to achieve long-term cooperation with customers.On the contrary, product inspection is not done in place, not qualified products to customers, will produce a crisis of confidence, causing serious consequences.

Inspection of the commonly used tools: electronic vernier caliper, micrometer, tension, microscopy, and so on. Some tools need to be connected to the computer test.Different products require different tools.The surface quality is most important, bruising, burr, the smoothness of the seemingly small problems are the biggest risk.With the perfect quality of products, enterprises will have bright, hope each operator make concerted efforts together to create a better future, make our products to the market, and make our business more prosperous.Our products pogo pin will be known all over the world!