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High temperature weather

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High temperature weather

2015-08-07 17:40:13

It's the hottest day of the year. Summer high temperature weather is changeable, increasing the environmental uncertainty and bringing some security risks. All enterprises should conscientiously implement the "safety first, prevention first, comprehensive treatment" of the safety production work policy. According to the characteristics of the high temperature,safe work production should be seriously deployed.

1. Electricity safety

In hot summer weather, people wear little clothes, which will increase the risk of electric shock. In addition, because of the wet condition, electrical equipment insulation performance has been reduced. This makes it easy to become an electrical safety accident. Paying much attention of electrical safety is particularly important.

2. Sunstroke prevention safety

Because of high temperature and dry in summer, continuous overload work is easy to cause the occurrence of heat stroke. Only doing the prepare work can eliminate security risks in this season.Front-line staff in production company should be equipped with the necessary heatstroke drugs. There are also should be a person responsible for the salt and tea beverage supply. Some companies even can provide front-line staff with boil tea, sugar and sunstroke food. Workers exposed to high temperature should be provided salt mung bean porridge and drink, mineral water, watermelon, herbal tea replenish the body needs water and salt to reduce fatigue, improve work efficiency and ensure the health and safety of employees.

Contact pin supplier, Suzhou Shengteng Electronic Co.,Ltd also do a good job in the prevention high temperature in summer.. The air condition will be set up once the temperature is up to 35 degree. Any staff having physical discomfort will be sent to hospital quickly. At the meantime, in summer season, company will increase the high temperature subsidies. For this kind of special condition, Suzhou Shengteng Electronic Co.,Ltd will provide better welfare for all the staff.