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Discussion pogo pin and waterproof

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Discussion pogo pin and waterproof

2015-08-17 15:16:58

The three anti-technology based on national standards, with the market and the actual needs of customers, the three anti-rating is defined as the standard three levels, namely primary, secondary and tertiary (professional level).

    Different industries have different needs:

Type of outdoor activities and military senior, such terminals generally not very beautiful shape, looks more powerful, relatively simple function, the main users of outdoor adventures, the military.

Intermediate can effectively waterproof, dustproof, in the traditional application of common consumer end, but because of the appearance of the intermediate product structure and make many compromises, and external rubber stopper too cumbersome to use, easy to lose small parts, the actual use is not reliable.

   pogo pin used in the three anti-cell phone sony

    Sony's three mobile phone all external interfaces, in addition to all the pogo pin interfaces provided with a rubber stopper to protect water, without any protection of the pogo pin connector waterproof effect is how to do it? The left side of the fuselage above the Sony mobile phone is an extension of the slot and micro usb slots, respectively protection protective rubber plug. Sony has always been the middle of the fuselage is dedicated pogo pin contact, two metal contacts in the middle is a magnet.

Soaked in water products, the exposed metal contacts are full contact with water, because the conductivity of the water so that the contacts between shorted together. In electrical applications, short but very deadly problem. Huawei's R & D department with a diode forward conduction and reverse blocking the function of blocking current leakage.

   Suzhou Suhzou shengteng Electronics Co., Ltd. as a supplier of high-quality pogo pin, cooperation with Sony. In order to co-development with partners. Suzhou Cendant company also better with the times.