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Challenge Long-distance tour

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Challenge Long-distance tour

2015-08-14 16:32:49

The “Challenge Long-distance tour" is the Suzhou Gusutang organized a chamber of Commerce collective challenge. The activity in the August 10 day journey, team Suzhou Shengteng Electronic Co.,Ltd  and Gusutang all members all the way north, through two municipalities directly under the central government, the six provinces, to challenge themselves, challenge the team challenges to business.   

The challenge to the main purpose is to enhance the relationship between the various enterprises in Gusutang, so that the team more unity. Suzhou Xu en Cendant electronic Wanlixing, in all the blessings of a meaningful birthday. Xu also in micro channel friends said. This is my life the most memorable birthday, running miles on the way, a hall of Suzhou colleagues spend birthday very happy. Miles is not the final destination, but the scenery along the road, and along the way they harvest.

The scale of the event, the scope of the wide range of mobilization of human resources, is the Suzhou chamber of Commerce, the most creative of a unity of the trip.Hope that through this event to make Suzhou and the country to see a team capable of creating a miracle, while letting you understand the strength of the 30 year probe professional manufacturers. And, more important, let more people feel the Cendant people move forward the spirit and with the chamber of Commerce of Suzhou were growing a strong desire to share.