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Alibaba stake in Suning

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Alibaba stake in Suning

2015-08-13 16:41:53

At the afternoon of August 10th, Alibaba announced to invest 2.83 billion yuan to Suning, becoming the second largest shareholder. Suning will spend 1.4 billion yuan to subscribe for not more than 2.78 million shares of Alibaba new issue shares. Alibaba and Suning cooperation mainly in six aspects of cooperation:

1. The electricity supplier cooperation: Suning will open platform in "tmall" ----"Suning Tesco Tmall flagship store" positioning “authentic guarantee, quality assurance, quality optimization, speed logistics, worry free sale".

2. The cooperation of Logistics: logistics Suning will serve as "Suning Tesco Tmall flagship store” logistics service providers. At the same time, Suning logistics will be the professional logistic provider to Alibaba Group own platform Rookie Network

3.Service cooperation: Suning will integrate its proprietary and after-sales service network, including aftermarket repair and after-sales maintenance and logistics services together as a background service standards, to provide this service to "Suning Tesco Tmall flagship store”, Tmall and Taobao.

4. The store cooperation: All stores of Suning will be open to the Alibaba group of consumers of logistics services, service and payment settlement services to enhance the user experience.

5. O2O cooperation: the two sides will actively study the integration of the advantages of resources, the use of big data, Internet, mobile applications, financial payments and other advanced means to create O2O mobile applications, innovative O2O operating mode.

6. Other cooperation: the two sides agreed to expand cooperation in the commodity professional services, payment, overseas business and other business aspects of Alibaba group.

From cooperation between Alibaba and Suning, we can feel the rapidly development of O2O, big data, cloud services, Internet and mobile application. Contact pin supplier, Suzhou Shengteng Electronic Co.,Ltd is a member of the Alibaba, deeply felt the importance of ideological innovation, lean. No business without electricity, no electricity without business, Suzhou Shengteng Electronic Co.,Ltd to keep pace with the times, constantly move forward in trial and error.