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Finally waiting for inquiry

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Finally waiting for inquiry

2015-08-12 15:13:12

Remembering the "Hundred net war" award ceremony, big Weng said a word: End Net.All war, does not mean the end of the site, this is just a start. So after the game, our team continues to do promotion. Prior to the game data and efforts to make the preliminary work. After the game, our team included in addition to pay attention to the amount of keyword ranking and other data, pay more attention to the details of each page of the website. We design the about us web page navigation by ourself, plus the company's logol. Details of products, we also do processing on each product increased tag .. Although we have not received inquiries, and even garbage Inquiry did not receive one, but we have not give up, always working to improve our company's website.

Finally, in August 10 at noon, when I checked the site background, pleasantly surprised to find a background Inquiry column has two information came from Russia and India. See the inquiry as to see hope, I feel our team's efforts were not in vain before. Subsequently, two inquiries were assigned to the two sales. India in the follow-up, and he is interested in pogo pin ,the Russia inquiry’s quality is not high . Regardless of these two inquiries you can not get orders, but there are inquiries to prove our site has attracted the attention of customers. Inquiry to our much later than expected, but Suzhou shengteng Electronics Co., Ltd. team never give up.