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Customer is God

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Customer is God

2015-08-21 16:30:47

Customer is God, it is a very popular term. God is everywhere, large to the national government agencies of the service, small to face directly to a single consumer. Focus on how to make customer satisfaction, customer as the core has become a topic of business concern, with the time and the different environment, service customers, so that their satisfaction is given too much meaning and way. As a business enterprise, the customer service terminal is the ultimate consumer, because in the middle of a lot of layers, so as a business to make customer satisfaction, customer service is the first to let you satisfied with the direct distributor, and then service level delivery is the truth.

    In fact, business is the same as life, enterprise positioning said to do, of course, customer feel satisfaction. In reality indeed there are many enterprises in the course of business, customer transactions before, rather than sing nicely, commitment of hype, and real money a dozen, all services began to discount and commitments into foam, such enterprises often will soon collapse. So the commitment to deliver the service is to make customers satisfied with the primary conditions.As we Suzhou Shengteng Electronic Co.,Ltd to treat customers is relatively serious, sincere, as long as the customer has a need, we are trying our best to do.