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pogo pin

2015-08-27 14:05:31

pogo pin is a widely used in mobile phones and other electronic products, precision connectors and semiconductor devices.It plays a connecting role. According to the different applications have different appearance, but on the whole there is a pogo pin internal precision springs structure, the product is generally golded plated in surface.

Pogo pin is spring-loaded probe consists of three basic components, barrel,plunger and spring.Its interior has a sophisticated spring construction. pogo pin surface coating generally is golded,it can better improve its anti-corrosion, mechanical properties, electrical properties.Tip has four type, B tip,grasping tip, round tip, knife-type tip. Pogo pin generally used in mobile phones, telecommunications, automotive, medical, aerospace and other electronic products, precision connectors, these connectors can be improved corrosion resistance, stability and durability.Since the pogo pin is a very fine probe, the application in precision connectors can reduce the volume of the connector weight and appearance, you can make the connector more refined appearance.