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Pogo Pin (2)

  • Author:Daniella
  • Release on:2015-08-28

Pogo Pin belongs to a connector and its role is simply, as the resilient connection. The Pogo Pin can easily solve the problem of small space between board and board. Beside,Pogo Pin can be formulated according to the actual work requirements. The specification can be different. Now we will introduce the role and performance of Pogo Pin connector:

First of all,The main role of the connector is an elastic connection. During the connection,the Pogo Pin can maintain steady operating current and the current is very small, only 3A. In some special case, the current can reach 6A. If increasing the diameter of Pogo Pin, the current can increase to 10A. The operating voltage is under 36 volts and the lifetime is up 10,000 times. Secondly,the work environment of pogo pin connector  has certain requirements and the work temperature is between -25 degrees and 75 degrees and the storage temperature is -40 degrees to 85 degrees. But the conduction resistance is less than 30mΩ. Currently Suzhou Shengteng Electronic Co.,Ltd test the resistance by using dynamic contact resistance within the working stroke. Pogo Pin connector has a lot of advantages, such as: low contact resistance, low pre-development costs, point to point contact, long life etc. Because of these advantages, they are widely used by many different big companies. In fact, as long as the product design is reasonable, product reliability is very tall.