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The sorts of test probe

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The sorts of test probe

2015-08-31 17:11:49

Suzhou Shengteng Electronic Co.,ltd was established in 1984,specialized in spring probe&the pogo in with good quality,fast delivery and the best service.

1.ICT test probe(ICT series probes)

The diameter is between 2.54mm-1.27mm,in test probe fields,we call it 100mil,75mil and 50mil.Besides these size,we can also have very very small size,its diameter is only 0.19mm.This size probe pin is mainly used for circuit test and function test,we also name it for ICT and FCT test,these kinds of pins are mostly commonly used pins.

2.Interface Probes(Interface Probes)

Interface Probes is non-standard test probes,it is mostly customized for the big test machine,   the function is used for the contact point of test machine and test fixture.

3.MicroSeries probes(MicroSeries probes

The pitch between the two points is about 0.25mm to 0.76mm.

4.Switch Probes(Switch Probes)

Swicth probes have two ways current 

5.Semiconductor Probes(Semiconductor Probes)

The diameter of Semiconductor Probes is about 0.50mm-1.27mm,consistance is more than 50Ω。

6.Battery and Connector Contacts(Battery and Connector Contacts)

About the Battery and Connector Contacts,it is used for electric contact,it has better contact,better stability and long working life.

Beside these test probes sorts,we can also provide other test probes,if these is any question and which you are interested,welcome contact with use freely.