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Ok wire

2015-09-01 13:54:48

OK wire is mainly used for PCB test wire or electronic components inside the connecting cable, silver plated copper conductor, it has increased conductivity. Ok wire has ten colors, red, blue, green, orange, yellow, brown, purple, black, gray, white and so on. The difference of ok wire lies in its size and plating. OK wire size has 26 #, 28 #, 30 #, 32 #, 34 #, 36 # and so on ,What size you need is determined on the measurement of the wire diameter size. Ok wire main material is brass, but can be silver plated and tin plated, silver-plated wire’s conductivity is better than tin plated ok wire. In addition, there is a length distinction of ok wire, it has ten thousand feet, twenty thousand feet and so on, this is mainly based on the customer in the course of the operation is easy to choose. Of course, ok wire as well as has the domestic and imported. The import ok wire’s price is expensive, but also because it's available high temperature 280 °-300 °, domestic prices cheap but usable temperature can reach 160 ° -170 °.Suzhou shengteng electronic company could provide any ok wire for you.